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    All Fabric Stainshield 5Ltr
Do not dilute, use as it comes from the bottle, Pre treat an inconspicuous area and allow to dry before inspecting for any color or dimensional instability before spraying the rest of the fabric. YOU MUST APPLY THIS PRODUCT IN A SAFE MANER ! This product must not be applied around any heat source, IE:- All boilers, fires and even smoking while appying this item may be hasidous to health, no naked flame of any kind ! Proper ventilation and the use of a carbon filled breathing mask would be required. Drying time will vary depending on the weather, ventilation and the amount used but would normaly be dry in around 3 hours. This product provides a high standard of liquid repellancy to all absorbing fabrics making them easier to clean and preserving there condition for longer. Appiled correctly, 5Ltrs will cover 35#Mtrs of fabric or aprox 2 x 3 peice suites. THIS PRODUCT WHILE WET IS TOXIC AND FLAMMABLE !!

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